TxCDBG announcement: Online TxCDBG Certified Administrator Workshop

TDA is pleased to announce the first virtual training opportunity for TxCDBG Grant Recipients and their service providers.

Rather than conducting a series of Implementation Workshops around the state, TDA has created an online presentation covering key program material.  Once an individual has reviewed the Online Workshop, they may take the certification test to become a Certified Administrator for the TxCDBG program for the coming year.  The list of certified administrators posted to the TDA website will be updated in November, and periodically thereafter as additional persons become certified.  Certification is valid

  • To being the Online TxCDBG Certified Administrator Workshop & Test, click HERE.
  • For additional information about Professional Services for the TxCDBG program, click HERE.
  • To access the full TxCDBG Implementation Manual, click HERE.

We appreciate your patience as TDA created this online content.

Related information and reminders:

  • TDA encourages all communities intending to apply for TxCDBG funding in the coming year to begin selecting professional and administrative service providers very early in the process.  In order to avoid conflicts of interest, selection of service providers must be completed before the applicant may discuss potential grant projects with any provider that would be hired to implement the project if funded.
  • An updated RROF Form 7015.15 has been posted to the TxCDBG Implementation Manual webpage, which resolves some of the formatting issues from the original HUD-provided form.
  • HUD recently released new regulations regarding Section 3 requirements.  TDA is actively working to develop guidance for communities, which must be implemented prior to July 1, 2021.  Contracts executed prior to that date will continue to follow the existing TxCDBG guidance as described in the Online Workshop.
  • TDA and HUD continue to operate with certain procedures modified by the pandemic.  The approved procedure modifications can be found linked from the TxCDBG Implementation Manual webpage.