Security Awareness Training Reporting Requirements For Local Governments

Use Texas by Texas (TxT) to Comply with Security Awareness Training Requirements

House Bill 3834, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, requires local government employees and elected officials to take annual cybersecurity training. The bill also requires the governing body of the local government to verify and report on the annual training completion by employees.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is offering Texas by Texas (TxT) as an option for your public-sector employees to self-report their Security Awareness Training compliance per the requirements of HB 3834. Texas by Texas, or TxT for short, is a personalized digital assistant that’s making government business easier, faster, and more secure for Texans.

Easy for Employees to Comply  – In just a few simple steps, employees can create a TxT account with their email address and some basic information from their state-issued driver license or ID. After their account is confirmed, they can login and certify they’ve completed the training requirements.

Simple for Local Government to Report  – TxT also makes it easier for your organization to comply with the HB 3834 reporting requirements. If you use TxT, DIR will send you a detailed report to verify training compliance. If you don’t use TxT, you’ll be responsible for tracking training compliance and then submitting an acknowledgement form to DIR. For more information about compliance, visit DIR’s website.

Interested in Using TxT?

If you’re interested in using TxT to let your employees self-report their training compliance, please let us know by Thursday, March 13, 2020. We’ll follow up with more details and information about TxT that you can include in your communications to employees.

Acknowledging Compliance

After verifying the employee training records, local governments will submit a form acknowledging compliance with the security awareness training requirements and signed by the governing body. The acknowledgement form will be submitted to DIR beginning late spring 2020. This form is required for all local governments, regardless of whether you use TxT for employee self-reporting.

If you have questions about HB 3834, please visit the DIR website or contact

*Local government is defined in Texas Government Code, Chapter 2054 and includes a county, municipality, special district, school district, or other political subdivision of the state. If you have questions about whether your organization is considered a local government, please consult your legal counsel.