Private Community Partners

ARCIT thanks you for supporting our communities!

Our Private Community Partners (PCP) are different than our statewide sponsors, as they are specific to a community.  These private community partners are a business in a community supporting rural and smaller communities and the issues impacting those communities.  PCP’s will receive signage at regional meetings, as well as our annual conference as a PCP, and receive updates from the ARCIT team as to how to get involved in preserving your community and all rural and smaller communities in Texas.

PCP’s may include large and small businesses, community and civic organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, colleges and universities, regional government organizations, and national companies and organizations located in a rural or small community.

Do you have a Private Community Partner in your community that wants to collaborate with ARCIT?  Ask them if them if they are interested in joining forces to fight for rural and small communities in Texas and help preserve YOUR community.

2018 Private Community Partners

You Can Become an ARCIT Private Community Partner Too!

ARCIT is the only organization in Texas dedicated solely to serving the needs of Texas’ rural and small communities. Support our vision and showcase your services by sponsoring ARCIT!

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