HHSC All Texas Access: action needed

HHSC staff have drafted the introduction for the report required by SB 633, and would like input on it.  To make it easy for us to process your input, we ask that you:

  • use the track changes function to review and make edits
  • use the comment function to share thoughts, questions, etc

HHSC has extended the deadline for input on the draft of the All Texas Access report to April 3, 2020.  If you would like more time, please let us know. We also have some additional guidance to help you think about what to include in your feedback:

  1. As someone who may not be very familiar with the mental health services system, does the information make sense? Is it easy to follow/understand?
  2. As an introduction to rural Texas and mental health care in Texas, are there any areas that we have either described in more detail than what seems necessary, areas where we don’t provide enough detail, or areas we have missed all together?
  3. Does any of the information not ring true?
  4. Is the information organized in a way that seems logical and easy to follow? (with the understanding that there will be a list of acronyms and definitions elsewhere in the document)