ARCIT is here to assist our communities in all aspects, and therefore have posted sample procurement templates and documents for grant opportunities your community may be applying.

DISCLAIMER:  The documents are templates and should not be cut and pasted as a whole without making sure that each element in any given document is needed for the users’ particular situation, and that every element of the users’ particular situation is covered in the document. Templates are never 100% applicable for every user, therefore please use the documents at your own risk.

Questions and comments about the posted sample procurement documents should be directed to

All Federal Programs Procurement Policy

Template Procurement Policy - All Federal Programs (Word)

2020 Texas County Transportation Infrastructure Fund (TIF) Procurement Templates

2019 - 2020 TxCDBG Colonia Templates / Sample Documents

Hurricane Harvey CDBG-DR Procurement Templates

CDBG-DR Procurement Guidance (Word)

CDBG-DR Admin Procurement Templates Word

Public Notice - CDBG-DR RFP (Word)

Certified HUB Administrators List (Excel)

CMBL Administrators List (Excel)

TxCDBG 2018 Administrator List (Excel)

Sample Cost & Price Analysis (Word)

HMA Procurement Templates

HMA Procurement Guidance (Word)

HMA Management Procurement Templates (Word)

HMA Management RFP Advertisement (Word)

Certified HUB Management List (Excel)

CMBL Management List (Excel)

HMA Planning Procurement Templates (Word)

HMA Planning RFP Advertisement (Word)

Certified HUB Planning List (Excel)

CMBL Planning List (Excel)

Hurricane Harvey FEMA Public Assistance Procurement Templates

  • FEMA Public Assistance Procurement Guidance (Word)
  • FEMA Public Assistance Management Procurement Templates (Word)
  • Public Notice FEMA Public Assistance Management (Word)
  • CMBL Management Service Provider List (Excel)
  • Certified HUB Management List (Excel)
  • Sample Cost & Price Analysis (Word)

2016 CDBG-DR General Land Office Administration and Engineering Procurement/Compliance Documents

  • 2016 CDBG-DR Admin Procurement Templates (Word)
  • 2016 CDBG-DR Engineer Procurement Templates (Word)
  • 2016 CDBG-DR Procurement Guidance (Word)
  • 2016 TxCDBG Certified Administrators (Word)
  • Certified HUB Administrators List (Excel)
  • Certified HUB Engineers List (Excel)
  • GLO CDR Procurement Checklist (Word)
  • HUD Quick Guide and Sample Cost & Price Analysis (PDF)
  • Hurricane IkeDolly GLO Engineers List (PDF)
  • Public Notice-2016 CDBG-DR RFP_Q (Word)

2019-2020 TxCDBG Community Development Fund

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has specific procedures communities must follow for RFPs under $50,000.  The document below includes general instructions for this type of procurement.

TxCDBG Admin Procurement Instructions-General (Word)


CDBG Sample Procurement Templates

2017-2018 TxCDBG Community Development Fund Procurement Guidance (Word Doc.) (PDF)

2017-2018 TxCDBG Admin Procurement Templates (Word Doc.) (PDF)

2017-2018 TxCDBG Engineer Procurement Templates (Word Doc.) (PDF)

Regional Engineer List – Located on the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) website

2016 Certified Administrator List (Word Doc.) (PDF)

Limited English Proficiency Data Sheet (Word Doc.) (PDF)

Combined Notice – Sample Newspaper Advertisement, Admin & Engineering (Word Doc.) (PDF)

Planning and Capacity Building Fund Procurement Templates

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Planning and Capacity Building Fund is a competitive grant program for local public facility and housing planning activities. The following are sample documents for the upcoming RFP for the Planning and Capacity Building Fund. These documents have been created based on our research and from prior documents. These documents are available to aid communities applying for the 2019 Planning and Capacity Building Fund.